When I an initial became interested in learning more about American Girl dolls, ns was a bit perplexed at first when ns learned every the Girl of the Year dolls. I witnessed that there were Girls that the Year because that 2001 and also 2003, but none because that 2002 and also 2004. I finished up finding out why a few years back, and I decided to define for you guys today due to the fact that I had nothing else to talk about!

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If you men didn't know already, the Girl that the Year line started in 2001 v Lindsey Bergman. Lindsay was a Jewish girl who simply wanted to aid others, yet ended up obtaining in a most trouble for her zany schemes that contained climbing a tree with an iguana to avoid a parade of pets in clothing and trying to acquire her tape teacher and her class teacher to loss in love.

The following Girl the the Year was in 2003, though. Her name was Kailey Hopkins, and also she was a girl who loved every little thing to carry out with the beach- however especially the birds pools. She ended up having actually to hit to conserve the tide pools from a greedy developer transforming it into a tourist trap. To be totally honest, Kailey is among my favourite Girls of the Year once it concerns her story! (My all time favorite is Gabriela.)

over there wasn't one more Girl the the Year until 2005, as soon as Marisol Luna come along. Ns won't describe her story due to the fact that she's not really pertinent to this post, but you deserve to search it increase online. Marisol kicked off the chain that dolls every year.

So, why specifically were there no Girl the the Year dolls in 2002 and also 2004? Reports say it was due to bad sales, and also I believed them because that a while, since Lindsey and Kailey dolls are hard to uncover on the an additional market. Yet I discovered the genuine reason why... And also if you didn't understand this before, you'd it is in pretty shocked!

Not every Girl the the Year come out on January 1st. Shocker, ns know! yet that's precisely why there to be no Girl that the Year dolls in 2002 and also 2004.

Lindsey come out in loss of 2001. Ns don't have an exact date, however the faster I might find her based upon my Wayback device archive to be October 19. She was currently being marketed together for 2002, due to the fact that I noticed part product password saying "GT2002" and the promotional picture said "Available till December 31, 2002".

top top the right hand corner, you have the right to see "GT2002" and you have the right to see the "only easily accessible until December 31, 2002" by the photo. (I additionally apologize because that the other tabs- that's the website I usage to blog and my nerd music!)

Lindsey did retire on December 31, 2002- yet Kailey didn't show up till that summer! An archive of a push release shown Kailey released on July 1, 2003 and the Wayback maker showed that Kailey would retire top top July 1, 2004. I remembered see the screenshot, however I couldn't find it top top there. Thankfully, the American Girl Wiki saved it!

Kailey did retire top top July 1, 2004- yet Marisol replaced her on December 27. Jess (GOTY 2006) came in on December 26, 2005. Finally, Nicki come out ~ above January 1, 2007- and also the girl of the Year have actually been coming out that day ever before since!

Did you prefer this post? I want to learn an ext about what you men like to check out on here besides news, due to the fact that nothing's yes, really been continue in the AG world and I save wanting come blog every solitary day. Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

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P.S: I'm seeing AG Live top top Saturday night and also a review will come out Sunday, to add I'll notice the SM Network summer movie as quickly as ns come up through the logistics the what dolls will certainly be in it! (Here's a hint: cat puns are involved.)

Kailey go retire top top July 1, and Marisol came dancing in on December 27, 2004. Jess changed her top top December 26, 2005. Finally, Nicki