I had this brilliant idea to put aluminum foil at the bottom that my range while i cooked pizza at very high temperatures. Ns was hope it would certainly catch any type of toppings that dropped off for this reason I could quickly eliminate them and prevent smoke. The result is that the foil bonded to the oven and now I"m not sure how to get it off. Any chemicals or tools I should use in this situation?



That watch a lot favor melted aluminum.

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I"d usage a solution of salt hydroxide to dissolve it; most likely won"t even hurt the oven paint.

Easy Off heavy Duty cooktop Cleaner is NaOH based, for this reason that"ll most likely work because that you, and is less complicated to uncover than straight lye nowadays.Just follow the directions. If the aluminum is thick, friend may have to do points twice.

Other brand of oven cleaner will likely work and long as they contain salt hydroxide (lye). The will help A LOT because that you civilization who require aluminum foil off her oven!

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There was an article about How to eliminate Melted Aluminum foil from the Oven, yet following several disappointing results by the participants, a user said a solution that to be met v resounding success through those who tried it.

The author said an application of naval jelly (from the paint department at your regional hardware store) together the solution that actually worked. Marine jelly is pink goop comprise phosphoric acid that is provided to eliminate rust indigenous iron or steel, leaving a clean surface.

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Essentially, you spread out aluminum jelly over the aluminum, smear it around every few hours, leave it overnight, wipe clean and repeat process until the residue is gone. It can take a couple of days, yet it is a gentle process with no fumes. The systems was was showed enthusiastically by numerous users in the conversation. You deserve to read more about the procedure and reviews starting here:

BK says: back in November, I tried to find a way to settle our new oven …

Bonus solution: The original article likewise claims that the whole bottom key of her oven have the right to be replaced usually for much less than US$30.00. Call your manufacturer for a replacement component and accuse on installing it.