Barry Gibb deserve to be watched in the video clip trying to make his child laugh as the youngster movies him ~ above a video clip recorder in ~ home. Picture: Barry Gibb/Youtube/Jhow Rock display
Barry Gibb impersonates a posh english man and also makes jokes come amuse his kid as that larks roughly in a homemade video recorded through his child in the 1980's. Picture: Barry Gibb/Youtube/Jhow Rock display
The video clip gives a rare understanding into Barry Gibb's home life and down-to-earth nature of the star, who relocated his family members to America in 1974. Picture: Barry Gibb/Youtube/Jhow Rock display

The child many in the general public eye is his boy Stephen, a musician who has bravely opened up up about his own battles through drug addiction.

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After graduating music school and also cutting his this in bands throughout the US, Stephen joined his father as his command guitarist and also went ~ above the remaining Bee Gees' an initial solo tour, Mythology, in 2013.

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Back in march 2020 Barry and also Stephen recorded a live jamming session and also streamed the medley because that lucky punishment Gees fans in a bid to store spirits high as COVID-19 to be sweeping the nation.

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The music pair gave a stripped ago acoustic performance of three of the band's most famed songs: 'Stayin' Alive', 'Words' and also 'How deserve to You repair A broken Heart'.

Recorded in ~ Barry Gibb's house in Miami – a home the bee Gee made his permanent home in 1974 – the duo sounded effortless as they duetted v one another.

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Barry Gibb, with his wife, Linda and children, Michael (right), Alexandra and Ashley (left) at Buckingham royal residence after the punishment Gee to be knighted through the Prince that Wales ~ above June 26, 2018. Picture: Getty

In 2020, Stephen opened up about his fight with drug-addiction and also how he controlled to revolve his life around after the 47-year-old revealed just how his drug addiction lead him into a spiral that homelessness and scavenging for food.

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Speaking ~ above his recovery podcast, Addiction Talks, the performer said: "After I lost my gig with my band ns was homeless, they throw away for this reason much great food in studios and also I mental eating the end of the dumpster in ~ the document plant praying nobody would watch me," that said

"I remember reasoning ‘This sucks’.'I was living in my van or wherever I can land. If somebody let me crash ~ above a couch ns was fortunate.

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"The thing for me the was mind blowing to be the old saying, from Park Avenue come park bench."

Barry Gibb credits his mam Linda's influence as the reason he has actually never spiralled right into addiction himself, a problem his brother Andy Gibb passed away from and Maurice Gibb was in recovery for in the latter years that his life.

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“My brothers had actually to deal with their demons, however I to be married to a lady that wasn’t walk to have it,” that told The Guardian in 2020.

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“I could bring drugs right into the house, however they would end up under the toilet. She never permitted me to go in that direction. I had to address my brothers being pretty lot out there, but I was lucky.”

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“Linda, along with me, has actually seen every little thing you deserve to see if you’re a pop group on the rise. She never missed anything and also that’s something come take great comfort from,” Gibb called the Roxborough Report in 2012.

“We can talk to every other around any single instance in our lives and also what taken place to the group and she to be there.”

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Gibb referred to as Linda a “tower of strength” in the same interview, speak she is “always ideal behind me and she’s either going to offer me a top on the head or a absent up the ass.”