explain the structure and duty of erythrocytes comment on the various procedures in the lifecycle of one erythrocyte

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The erythrocyte, generally known together a red blood cell (or RBC), is by far the most usual forbenidormclubdeportivo.org element. A single drop that blood consists of millions the erythrocytes and just countless leukocytes. Specifics males have around 5.4 million erythrocytes every microliter (µL) the blood, and females have about 4.8 million every µL. In fact, erythrocytes are estimated to do up about 25 percent the the total cells in the body. Erythrocytes are also smaller than leukocytes and also most other body cells, through a mean diameter the only around 7–8 micrometers (µm) (Figure (PageIndex1), watch Table 16.2.2 an overview of Forbenidormclubdeportivo.org elements in Blood).

Due to your chemical properties, oxygen and also carbon dioxide molecules mostly cannot it is in transported liquified in plasma. Thus, the primary features of erythrocytes are to pick up inhaled oxygen from the lungs and also transport it come the body’s tissues, and to pick up part (about 24 percent) carbon dioxide waste in ~ the tissues and also transport it come the lungs for exhalation. Back leukocytes commonly leave the blood vessels to do their defensive functions, erythrocytes continue to be in the blood vessels and also movement the erythrocytes native the blood vessels is abnormal.



Hemoglobin is a large molecule comprised of proteins and iron. It consists of four folded chain of a protein called globin, designated alpha chain 1 and 2, and also beta chain 1 and 2. Each of these globin molecule is bound to a red colors molecule referred to as heme, which consists of an ion of iron (Fe2+) (Figure (PageIndex3)). Every iron ion in the heme deserve to bind to one oxygen molecule; therefore, every hemoglobin molecule can transport four oxygen molecules.

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An separation, personal, instance erythrocyte might contain about 300 million hemoglobin molecules, and also therefore have the right to bind to and also transport approximately 1.2 exchange rate oxygen molecules.