I am house-sitting because that my parents and I tried to reduced the grass. In summary, ns accidentally topped up the oil (thinking it to be petrol, and running low) through a pack of petrol. It take it 10 mins of make the efforts to begin the engine to realise mine stupid, stupid mistake. The lawn mower is a Mountfield SP536.

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Is this even fixable, and also if so, exactly how do I do that?



Drain the oil. Refill with brand-new clean oil. Inspect the manufacturer"s documentation because that oil adjust procedure, and form of oil come add.

Looks like the drain plug on your mower is just listed below the oil filler tube.


To adjust the oil:

Remove the spark plug cap.Tip the mower so that the oil can drainpipe without flowing throughout the deck (Make sure the mower is secure prior to proceeding).Put one oil pan under the drainpipe (use a funnel if necessary).Remove the drain plug (be mindful not come drop it in the oil pan).Allow oil to drain.Replace drainpipe plug.Set mower flat.Fill with recommended oil to fill line suggested on dip stick.Wipe up any spilled oil.Replace spark plug cap.


To protect against accidental starts, always remove the spark plug cap before working ~ above a lawn mower.If the drainpipe plug has a gasket washer top top it, moisten the gasket with a bit of brand-new motor oil prior to installing the plug.
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