i accidentally hooked increase negotiate cable come battery very first causing the wire to run to the alternator to smoke. I conveniently unhooked it and also hooked the up hopeful side first. However now my automobile won’t continue to be running. The keeps stalling out on me as I’m driving. However it walk slow first the lights will go then I have no power to nothing then the car dies. Then ns jump that again v a jumper box and also as long as that’s hooked increase I have power to everything except the radio because the fuse keeps popping top top the wire to run to the battery


check the voltage rectifier by placing your meter on AC voltage ~ above the battery, girlfriend shouldn't have an ext than .5 volts, if girlfriend have more than that, readjust the alternators rectifier, then put it top top DC and you should have actually 13.2-15.1 volts, if girlfriend have more or much less then her voltage rectifier needs replaced on her alternator
When you mis-connect the battery cables the diodes in the alternator gain fried. The battery may be servicable yet the alternator must be replaced.

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Connecting neg an initial then pos will certainly not damages the device - that is accepted practice so that the final link from a second battery deserve to be made come the engine or chassis so if over there is a little spark that is far from the battery that may be producing hydrogen. Yes, batteries do explode.

If friend made the error of obtaining the leader on the dorn terminals climate you may have actually damaged part electrical materials which ones you need to chase down.

If it keeps stalling - have you properly recharged the original battery as some cars are really unhappy through a short battery voltage which causes lots of problems - spurious warnings lights for faults the don’t exist etc

So, charge the battery thoroughly and also see if the habits improves...


when Solar Mike states charge the battery, he means Charge the battery, don't try to jump begin a battery if it has actually less that 80% the a charge, you might be enduring from acid stratification and also end increase burning the end one her cells in your battery, shiver the battery earlier and force might aid stir up the H2SO4:H20 systems
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