English is nothing if not a colourful language, and our bizarre means of naming animal groups room as playful and also cute as many of the species they describe.

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We all know that fish kind a school and a team of deer is referred to as a herd, yet some of this strange group names may surprise you

For instance, go you recognize that a team of bears is dubbed …


a sleuth?

While a group of polar bears (a gathering that happens rarely—usually just for reproduction or feeding) is called …


a celebration.

A team of raccoons is recognized as …


a nursery.

And a team of beavers is fittingly dubbed …


a colony.

You could have guessed that a team of bucks is referred to as …


a clash.

But would you ever before assume a group of squirrels is …


a dray?

“Herd the turtles” might be slang for slow-moving traffic, but a team of castle is actually referred to as …


a bale.

And groups of foxes go by four names …


a skulk, a leash, a troop, or an earth.

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