there are numerous interesting foods and food ingredient that begin with the letter K. Friend will uncover them transparent the world, in East and West Europe, the middle East, Asia, and the Americas. Shot making a couple of of these foods items that start with k in your home kitchen.

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Here are some of the foods start with the letter K. Inspect them out under below.


21 foodstuffs That start With K

1. Kebab

Also dubbed kabob, these are cooked cubes that meat initially from the middle East. The meat is typically lamb or mutton, yet you will additionally find kebabs make of chicken, goat, beef, and even fish. They room cooked ~ above a skewer and also served with vegetables and a sprinkle that lime. Kebabs space hugely popular in the center East, and additionally in India and Bangladesh.

2. Kedgeree

This is a food consisting of cooked rice, curry powder, hard-boiled eggs, parsley, vegetables, and also sometimes even with flaked fish prefer salmon, tuna, or haddock. Very popular in India and also the UK. It is also called khichuri, kitchari, and kitcherie. It can be consumed hot or cold, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian. That is mostly vegetarian in India.

3. Ketchup

A thick table sauce, it is make of vinegar, sugar, and tomatoes. It is initially from China, whereby it was dubbed ke-tsiap, which means a pickled fish sauce. Originally, ketchup to be made through mushrooms, grapes, egg whites, oysters, walnuts, and also mussels.

4. Ketembilla

This is a fruit like a gooseberry the is discovered in southern India and Sri Lanka. Plenty of eat it fresh, if others do it into jams.

5. Kidney bean

A variety of bean that gets its name from that is color and also shape the looks prefer a kidney. The is dark red in color. Kidney bean is a significant protein source. It likewise provides vitamins, antioxidants, and also fibers. It promotes weight loss, helps regulate blood sugar, and also prevents colon cancer.

6. Kingfish

Also called king mackerel, this is a video game fish uncovered in the Gulf that Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. That is a famous game fish since of its large size. Slightly oily in taste, kingfish can be broiled, poached, or grilled.

7. Kahlua

Kahlua is a coffee liqueur native Mexico with an alcohol contents of 20%. That is do from 100% Arabica coffee, sugar, and rum. It is a popular ingredient in cocktails and also desserts.

8. Kale

Nutrient-dense, kale is a variety of cabbage v curly leaves. Its violet or green leaves space edible. Many think about it to it is in a superfood as kale gives vitamins, manganese, calcium, copper, potassium, and also magnesium. It deserve to lower cholesterol, it is an excellent for the eyes, fights obesity, and also is likewise heart-healthy.

9. Kava

An alcoholic beverage do from a plant discovered in the Pacific Islands. The name comes from ‘awa’, a Polynesian native that way bitter. The drink is made from the root of the plant.

10. Kirsch

Kirsch or kirschwasser is a colorless brandy that is make from Morello cherries. However, this beverage has a slight almond-bitter taste, unlike various other cherry liqueurs. Numerous have this drink ~ dinner.

11. Kishke

This is a bird intestine stuffed through a pour it until it is full containing grain and meat. That is all set by roasting and then seasoned with spices. Kishke is a famous food in eastern Europe and also people indigenous these locations living elsewhere in the world. That is particularly popular through the Jewish community.

12. Kiwi

An edible berry and also a superfood. Also called Chinese gooseberry, that is fuzzy-brown in color and also egg-shaped in appearance. The meat is green. Kiwi can treat asthma, aids the process of digestion, improves immunity, helps regulate blood pressure, and improves eye health. The is packed with a the majority of vitamins, potassium, and folate.

13. Kummel

It is a colorless and sweet liqueur do in the Loire sink of France. However, many believe it was very first distilled in Holland. The liqueur is flavored through fennel, cumin, and caraway seeds.

14. Kvass

This is a fermented beverage the looks like beer. It is make from rye or barley and also is popular in the Baltic and also Slavic countries. Many countries favor Latvia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and also Romania, however, think about it together a non-alcoholic drink as it has low alcohol content.

15. Koumiss

An alcoholic beverage do by fermenting mare milk. Originally, it to be the drink the the cattle breeders and the nomads. Likewise called Kumis, the beverage is still very popular in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and also Mongolia.

16. Kumquat

This is a citrus fruit the looks a lot prefer orange in color and shape. However, that is smaller in size. The fruit has a sweet slim rind and also an mountain pulp. Typically, these fruits room oblong or ring in shape. Castle are found mostly in southeast Asia. The taste is sour. That is offered for citrus dishes, for marmalade, and for cocktails.

17. Kitkat

It is a popular cacao wafer bar created by the british confectionary Rowntree’s. The brand is created globally by Nestle. In the US, though, the is offered by The Hershey Company. It has actually a crunchy taste.

18. Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is a range of popcorn v a sweet and salty taste. The is seasoned through oil, salt, and refined sugar. Traditionally, this popcorn to be made in a cast-iron kettle, which gives its name. Modern kettle corn is made in plenty of other varieties of pans and also pots.

19. Kudzu

Kudzu is a climbing and also coiling tree from the pea family. The roots, flowers, vine tips, and also leaves room edible. It have the right to be provided like spinach. You can cook, deep fry, bake, and even eat raw. The flowers, leaf, and also root are additionally used for making medicines. Kudzu is used for treating alcoholism.

20. Kumera

Also referred to as kumara, the is a sweet potato originally from the West Indies. The has plenty of antioxidants. The roots of this selection of potatoes are edible. Its shoots and also leaves are also consumed as greens.

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21. Kangaroo Meat

It is the meat that kangaroo. The meat is accessible in countless countries together it is exported indigenous Australia. This is really lean meat with just 2% fat, which provides it healthier than red meat. Kangaroo meat is likewise packed with protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc, omega fat acids.