Bob from Aurora asks what to carry out in website traffic if a website traffic light is blinking yellow in one direction — say, southbound and northbound — and blinking red in the other direction (westbound and also eastbound). Here's her answer indigenous Jayson Luber.

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Bob indigenous Aurora writes, “What’s driving you crazy? Jayson, please resolve a bet...Let"s say that a traffic light is malfunctioning and also giving blinking yellow for the north/south traffic and also blinking red because that the east/west traffic. In this case, what is the traffic in every direction claimed to do?”

In a case where the lights room flashing the way, the drivers with the yellow flashing light have to slow down and also proceed through caution. They have actually the ideal of way. The motorists facing the red flashing lights must treat it choose a stop sign and also come to a complete stop and then continue through the intersection as soon as able through caution due to the fact that cross web traffic does not need to stop. While it could seem courteous to stop and let cross website traffic out if you check out the flashing yellow lights, it create a nuisance and also safety risk for those behind you.

So, in your scenario, the north/south traffic has the right of method and walk not have to stop. Those drivers should sluggish down and also continue with the intersection, but they need to be especially mindful of chauffeurs going east or west that aren’t familiar with what to execute or who have actually pulled out thinking it’s their turn. Those drivers going east or west see the red flashing lights have to stop and also yield come the north and south web traffic until there is a break when they deserve to cross or turn.

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I would hope that whenever this happens legislation enforcement in the area would certainly be informed to assist with traffic control and so they have the right to notify the proper company to fix the website traffic lights. Your scenario deserve to be specifically dangerous on roads with two or 3 lanes across.

I expect this handle the bet. If you win all ns ask because that is 15%.

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