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Fatal engine vehicle mishaps occur every work in the united States. Follow to the national Highway traffic Safety management (NHTSA), traffic accidents claimed the resides of 37,461 human being in 2016. If there has actually been a downward tendency in web traffic deaths, 2016’s fatality count is 5.6 percent higher than 2015’s 35,485 traffic fatalities. Through so many human being losing their resides on the roadways, it is an ext important than ever before to exercise responsible behavior behind the wheel.

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How many world Die each Day in Florida Motor auto Crashes?

In 2016, the Florida room of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reported that 3,176 people perished in 2,935 deadly traffic accidents in Florida. These fatal crashes do up about 0.7 percent that Florida’s total variety of accidents because that 2016 (395,785). Around 165,940 Florida crashes connected at the very least one injury and also resulted in 254,155 accident-related injuries.

Based on these statistics, it shows up that about 8.7 human being died every day in Florida mishaps in 2016.

Miami-Dade County report the most 2016 fatalities in the state with 294 fatalities. Broward and also Hillsborough counties follow carefully behind 245 and 228 fatalities, respectively.

Fatality prices in the joined States

The NHTSA calculation the fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and determined that it to be 1.18, rise of 2.6% from the 2015 VMT. The fatality composition includes:

36% passenger auto occupants28% light-truck occupants18% nonoccupants (e.g., pedestrians, bicyclists)14% motorcyclists4% large-truck, bus, and also other occupants

The NHTSA found that travelers in passenger vehicles (passenger cars and also light trucks) comprised 23,714 the end of the 37,461 website traffic fatalities that occurred in 2016. The passenger auto fatality count of 23,714 is the highest it has actually been since 2008.

You can Seek Compensation for your Loved One’s fatal Collision

When another party is responsible for a fatal accident, Florida law enables the victim’s household to look for financial loss from the liable individual or entity. Under Florida statutes §768.21, you and also your family members members may qualify to recoup compensation for the ns of the deceased’s:

Financial supportServicesCompanionshipProtectionParental guidance

Financial expenses, such as those to cover the funeral, burial, and outstanding medical bills as much as their passing, are additionally often available.

How Our law Firm Can advantage Your Wrongful death Case

Wrongful death can impact your family members emotionally and financially, yet you perform not have to suffer through this difficult time there is no support. Our team has represented numerous victims’ family members after a fatal automobile accident to aid them receive closure and also compensation. We do so by:

Uncovering evidence to prove liability and link the victim’s deadly injuries come the collisionIdentifying and calculating recoverable damagesKeeping track of filing deadlines and also paperwork completionBuilding a solid caseAdvocating because that your family members in negotiations and also in court together necessary

Our for sure takes treatment of every this and much more at no upfront price to friend so your household can focus on healing. Even if it is the cause of your loved one’s fatal vehicle accident seems evident or not, you deserve to leave the legal duties to us.

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Why carry out Fatal Crashes Occur?

Fatal motor vehicle accidents can occur for a selection of reasons. Determining who is at fault because that an accident is a an obstacle for a ft Lauderdale automobile accident injury attorney in any type of accident-related claim, but figuring out why the accident arisen can gain us one step closer come figuring the end liability.

The decisions civilization make once they decide to run a auto have a significant impact ~ above the result of the crash. Several of these decision include:

Restraint usage – many accident fatalities would certainly not occur if drivers and passengers supplied restraints while sit in your vehicles. In 2016, 10,428 vehicle occupants who were not wearing seatbelts or other develops of restraint died in U.S. Accidents. In Florida, at the very least 739 auto occupants passed away in 2016 because they were not wearing restraints.Alcohol handicap – control under the influence of alcohol can slow reaction times and also impair judgment. About 10,497 the end of the 37,461 traffic deaths nationwide connected a driver impaired by alcohol. In Florida, alcohol-impaired steering factored into 461 out of 3,176 web traffic fatalities in 2016.Drowsiness – Driving when you are physically too exhausted to focus on the road can cause serious accidents. In 2016, about 803 web traffic deaths in the U.S. Involved a drowsy driver.

When we become your legit team, we will look for proof of determinants like these to prove that one more party was responsible for her loved one’s deadly collision. If we room able come prove an additional driver’s negligence, we could hold them liable and recover compensation for you.

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Reach out for Legal support After a fatal Collision

Florida motorists lose their stays every day in terrible motor auto accidents. At the legislation Firm of Anidjar & Levine, our attorneys recognize that the fatality of a love one can turn your civilization upside down. The is why us take obligation for her claim and handle all the facility insurance and also legal matters while you emphasis on her family.

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