There are numerous different species of scales in music. Some have actually seven notes, some have five, some sound happy and some sound sad. But, over there is one type of range that provides all twelve pitches in west music dubbed the chromatic scale.

In this post, we’re going to take it a look at what a chromatic scale is and also some the the rules approximately how to effectively notate it.

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What is a chromatic scale?

Put simply, a chromatic scale is every twelve notes arranged in ascending or descending order of pitch.

It’s consisted of entirely that semitones (half steps) v each keep in mind being a semitone above or listed below the last note.

On a piano that method playing all the white notes and all the black color notes in bespeak of pitch prefer this:

C chromatic scale

Here is one ascending chromatic scale, beginning on C written out ~ above a stave:


But this would certainly be one more incorrect way of composing a chromatic range as it has an ext than two varieties of the pitch C.

It beginning on C, climate C sharp complied with by C double sharp.

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Make sure you don’t have an ext than two notes on any kind of one pitch.

Chromatic Solfege

Solfege is the system that we use to name each that the syllables in a major scale.