We space a family members own ed brick and mortar business, handle in U.S. Coins, as well as g old, silver, vinta ge, estate jewelry and also collectibles . We have actually over 30 yrs that experien ce and a big inventory the items come be detailed in the months to come . Save our website as we will be putting brand-new items up daily. ITEM summary Hand some Italy made men's sterling silver and 2/25 14 k yellow designer ns GDA chain necklace, one next solid yellow in color and the other side is hard yellow with diamond presse d silver acce nting. Nice basic to usage l obster clasp in ~ end. It measures 24" long, 3/ 8" broad and w eighs whole 17grams heavy. Requirements a quick cl eaning / poli shing come really set it off. Significant Italy, 925 2/25 14K and also signed PGDA by designer. Merged SHIPPING we offer combined shipping at no extr cost up to 7 days. Together you success item s, e Bay will at first automatically add your shipping cost. We will revise it back to simply one ship expense when us manuall y invoice . Feel free to ignore the modification invoices if you intended to bid again on any kind of items ending during th e 7 day s after the an initial item is won. SHIPPING at this time, we are able to market shipping come the united States and also Canada. Shipment Confirmation will be noted on every it ems shipped within the unified Sta tes , however, shipments to Canada will have actually a customs kind number the will display it was received by the write-up office and show its ~ above its way. SHIPPING expenses We ship U .S. Packages via very first class USPS because that a flat rate that $2.8 5 us ship can adian packages via first class in ~ a price of $7.00 and also $20.00 for priority. All it ems will be packaged in a gift crate to stop damag e during delivery. Customer SA TISFACTION it is extremely vital to us that you have actually a posit i have experi ence as soon as buying from us . Therefore, any items you might not be 100% sa tisfied with, please carry out not hesitate to call us and enable us to make it right. FEEDBACK us strive for pos it i have feed earlier with 5 star ratings top top Item as described, Communication, Shipping time and also shipping c harges. I n the event you space unhappy for any reason, please contact us immediately and we wi ll be an ext than happy and willing to work with you in any means to stop a an adverse or neutral feedback. RETURN S We accept returns up to 14 days from the day you get the item. All returns must be sent earlier with t he item number enclosed so that we might pr ocess your refund . The initial shipping price to you will not it is in refunded, uneven it was a n error on our part, in which case we will certainly refund both the original and also your return postage costs. Call US have to you must return an object or have any type of questions or comments , you might reach united state thr ough our e bay messagin g center .

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