This 1989 Buick LeSabre is the rarely T-Type variant, developed in an attempt to woo buyers from income brands that were getting too cozy v the likes of BMW and Nissan the were producing sport sedans with outstanding road-holding abilities. The T-Types were weighted a bit much more heavily top top the visual renovations rather 보다 outright performance, but some upgrades under the skin to be made at the exact same time. The seller note this is an original owner example available for revenue by the household of the owner, and that it has 171,866 miles. That in better condition 보다 I’d intend for that mileage, and it’s noted here ~ above craigslist with an questioning price that $3,500.

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Thanks to Barn Finds reader Rocco B. Because that the find. The T-Types had actually blacked out treatments from front to back, and also you deserve to see the in the taillights, the wheel centers, the bumper trim, and the former grill. It’s subtle, but it leaves no doubt you’re no looking in ~ a base version LeSabre. The T-Type additionally had one-of-a-kind badges denoting it together such, in addition to the only real power upgrade, the Gran Touring suspension package. I don’t know if it ever before made much of a distinction in day-to-day driving, particularly without any kind of sort that power boost under the hood. Still, sporting models the weren’t put on the Grand national or Corvette badge to be in quick supply, therefore Buick fans had actually to take it what they could get.


Still, ns can’t say ns personally don’t dig the internal treatment, with a sporty three-spoke steering wheel and nicely bolstered bucket seats. The dash and instrumentation, however, only served to remind you that many owners of the LeSabre right now were well into their twilight years. The seller notes the the power features all quiet work, and the A/C tho blows cold. The original home window sticker and also manuals space still in the glovebox, and the seller insurance claims the inner remains in impressive problem aside from a rub spot top top the center console piping and also around the window buttons ~ above the driver’s side. The speaks come an owner that definitely loved this T-Type, and the condition does look very great when you aspect in the mileage.

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The clamshell hood to be a clear nod come the BMW 3-Series the the era, as if convert the direction of the hood opened somehow elevated the performance. Still, at least the T-Types produced in between 1988 and 1990 got a bang in power to 165 b.h.p. The seller says it still cd driver well with plenty of power, and also no other mechanical issues are noted. The paint is claimed to it is in in great shape through no delamination that the clean coat. The T-Type likewise received a distinct rubber front spoiler, which is present and also accounted for however has to be pitted by rocks (in photos, the doesn’t appear to have suffered any kind of fatal parking lot barrier hits.) if it’s not eminently collectible, it’s constantly nice to view a auto like this in preserved condition.


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