6 seasons, 86 episodes, and also arguably the biggest television collection of every time, The Sopranos was a social phenomenon, conquering the start of the new millennium. And now there is a prequel movie The countless Saints the Newark come watch!

This acquired us thinking around the initial series. We all imagine ourselves together Tony, heading up our very own crime family - and no doubt were busy acquisition notes throughout.

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However, we"d be very impressed if you knew any of these little-known truth below. If girlfriend do know them - maybe you need to crack ~ above with building that mob realm sooner fairly than later...


1. A real-life new Jersey sports shop was illustrated as going the end of company in one illustration - so many people thought the this was yes, really the case that the owners had actually to ar adverts to guarantee their customers the they were still open up for business.

2. In a similar case, a race track offered in Season 5 - the Riverhead Raceway in long Island - was illustrated as being offered to a new firm. The actual owner were inundated v so many human being asking if castle had, in fact, sold up, that they were required to erect a sign to clarification the matter.

3. Federico Castelluccio, who plays Furio Giunta) was an extra in Crocodile Dundee II.

4. Denise Borino and also Steven R. Schirripa both wear human body armour to make them appropriately fat.

5. A story around Feech La Manna murdering a new Jersey male for refusing to vacate his favourite seat in a bar was based upon a real-life incident involving Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo - a former Philadelphia crime boss.

6. Most background scene in The Sopranos feature a payphone and a character v a purchase bag in the background.

7. Meadow’s soccer coach, Don Hauser, comes ago as a FBI certified dealer in season 3.

8. The Coalition of Italian-American Associations issued a join statement in 2000 condemning The Sopranos for perpetuating negative Italian-American stereotypes.

9. The high-pitched squealing sound heard in the elevator of part outdoor scenes is the noise made by the No. 7 train going about a spicy turn, one block away from the studio in kings where plenty of scenes space filmed.

10. Tony renders a series of inconsistent statements about The Godfather. AJ mentions the Tony claims that the scene wherein Michael death his father"s assassins in The Godfather is his favourite scene of all time. However Carmela states that Tony"s favourite scene in The Godfather Trilogy is once Vito goes earlier to Sicily in the 2nd film. Yet, Tony additionally says that his favourite scene in this movie is as soon as young Don Vito kills Don Francesco in Italy.

11. In season two, when Spoons Parisi is supposedly at Newark worldwide Airport, the is in fact Teterboro plane - located about 10 mile north.

12. Tony Sirico, that plays Paulie Walnuts has actually been killed 17 time in the miscellaneous movies he"s starred in.

13. Senator Zellman"s office inner is in a high rise building in Newark, whereas its exterior is a 3 story building located in Jersey City, new Jersey.

14. Ralph"s "secret ingredient" because that scrambled egg is tart cream.

15. In season 6, a rabbit is displayed eating Artie"s lettuce - the specific kind is one Arugula lettuce, and also the seeds for that were lugged over native Italy.

16. Joseph R. Gannascoli theatre Gino in Season 1, and then returns together Vito Spatafore in Season 3.

17. Svetlana attract a boots bearing the name of designer Kenneth Cole on her prosthetic leg once Janice decides to make it disappear.

18. The chain-link fence in the front yard of Livia"s home is a prop - the actual home is no fenced in.

19. The residence used for outside shots that the Sopranos home is located at 14 Aspen drive in phibìc Caldwell )their attend to in the present is 633 Stag follow Road, north Caldwell, new Jersey).

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20. Jamie-Lynn Sigler was attributed at together in periods 1-4, then ended up being Jamie-Lynn DiScala in Season 5, before reverting ago to she maiden name in Season 6 ~ her marital relationship only lasted 2 years.