Trying to find out exactly how to convert 48/3 into a mixed number or fraction? have actually I acquired the answer because that you! In this guide, we"ll walk you through the step-by-step procedure of converting an improper fraction, in this situation 48/3, come a blended number. Review on!

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Before we begin, let"s revisit part basic portion terms so girlfriend understand specifically what we"re managing here:

Numerator. This is the number above the portion line. Because that 48/3, the molecule is 48.Denominator. This is the number below the portion line. Because that 48/3, the denominator is 3.Improper fraction. This is a portion where the numerator is greater than the denominator.Mixed number. This is a means of expressing an improper fraction by simplifying it to totality units and a smaller as whole fraction. It"s an integer (whole number) and a suitable fraction.

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Now let"s go v the measures needed to transform 48/3 come a blended number.

Step 1: uncover the entirety number

We an initial want to uncover the entirety number, and to execute this we division the numerator by the denominator. Since we are just interested in whole numbers, we ignore any kind of numbers come the appropriate of the decimal point.

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48/3 = 16

Now the we have our entirety number for the blended fraction, we require to uncover our new numerator for the portion part of the mixed number.

Step 2: obtain the new numerator

To work-related this the end we"ll use the totality number we calculated in action one (16) and also multiply the by the original denominator (3). The result of that multiplication is then subtracted native the initial numerator:

48 - (3 x 16) = 0

Step 3: Our combined fraction

We"ve now simplified 48/3 to a combined number. To see it, we just need to placed the totality number along with our new numerator and also original denominator:

16 0/3

You maybe have noticed below that our new numerator is in reality 0. Because there is no remainder, we deserve to remove the entire portion part of this mixed number, leaving us through a last answer of:


Hopefully this tutorial has actually helped you to understand how to convert any type of improper portion you have actually into a combined fraction, finish with a totality number and a appropriate fraction. You"re totally free to usage our calculator listed below to work out more, yet do shot and learn exactly how to perform it yourself. It"s much more fun 보다 it seems, i promise!

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