I remember very clearly the an initial time I hosted in my hands The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan. It to be September, 2008, more than five years earlier now. Ns was in 6th grade, and also I to be super excited for the new series The 39 Clues.

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After all, my favourite author, Gordon Korman (who had just come to my school a couple of months earlier), was associated in the collection and to be going to compose the second book. The plot sound super interesting, plus the collection was supplemented through an amazing online video game where you can collect clues, perform missions, and even success prizes. Plus, all my friend were reading it.

Most of my friends dropped out of analysis the collection after the first couple of books, yet after five years I’m still v it! The series has honestly grown kind of long-in-the-tooth now; definitely nothing like those amazing times when we were every trying to figure out the mysteries that this exciting new world.

Still, for young kids the collection is still going solid with the new subseries Unbreakable, with largely the same cast of characters but new villains and brand-new adventures. For kids who like the later 39 ideas books and also want come play catchup, the Maze that Bones is a an excellent place come start.


In the Maze the Bones we fulfill Dan and Amy Cahill, the main characters. They room orphans under the care of your aunt, Beatrice Cahill. Beatrice doesn’t take very good care of them, however, and merely hires au pairs to look after them.

Unfortunately, their cool grandmother grace Cahill freshly died, and Amy and Dan are attending the funeral. Grace was awesome and also Amy and also Dan provided to spend the weekends at her house. They are sad because there isn’t going come be any type of fun in their lives anymore.

Amy and Dan are referred to as with Beatrice and also other relatives into a analysis of elegant Cahill’s will. In a video Grace recorded, she renders an astonishing announcement. The Cahill’s room a very an effective family and also the resource of the family’s power is separated into 39 clues. Anyone that collects these ideas will end up being the most powerful person in the world. Grace offers her descendants a choice: A million dollars or one clue.

Amy and also Dan aren’t sure what come do. Lock feel as though possibly Grace wanted them to go into the challenge, yet they also don’t want to be stupid and also give increase $2 million. Lock realize, however, the Beatrice will find a way to steal their money if they pick to accept it. Amy and also Dan are miserable and want miscellaneous different. They select the clue.

Amy is 14 and Dan is 10, quite young to start a quest. Beatrice is incredibly upset v their decision to go into the clue hunt and runs the end of the room, speak something about disowning them. There are in total six teams who go into the gyeongju for the clues.

The clue reads: RESOLUTION. The fine publish to guess, seek out Richard S______. No one appears to know what the means, but the teams start going out trying to find the clues.

Amy and Dan team up through their family member Alistair five to shot and number out the clue, and also they realize the Richard S. Should be a reference to poor Richard’s Almanac. Castle look because that it in Grace’s library, but there is a fire and also Grace’s mansion burns down. Lock barely do it the end alive through Grace’s cat Saladin.

Realizing the the clue needs to do v Benjamin Franklin, they head to Boston. Their au pair, Nellie, agrees to journey them there. Unfortunately, the other teams are additionally in Boston, and the Starling triplets shot to death Amy and Dan. Regrettably for them, they end up wounding themselves.

Amy and Dan room smart, yet are castle smart sufficient to beat world like Irina Spasky, one ex-KGB agent who has actually poison in she fingernails? What around the Holt family, a team of muscular brutes? Or Ian and also Natalie Kabra, affluent and likewise carrying poison. How will they fare versus Jonah Wizard, a lab star with an ext fans and money than anyone needs?

Amy and also Dan additionally realize over there are household branches. The branches are Tomas, Ekaterina, Lucian, and Janus. Amy and Dan have no reservation what branch they’re in, a problem that haunts them v the end of the series.

The hunt ultimately ends up acquisition Amy and Dan to Paris, and also the French catacombs. The is a very exciting and also thrilling story.


The Maze the Bones is a great introductory publication to the series. The sets the stage and gets anyone excited for the adventures that space to come. It does a good task of personality development; v Amy and Dan’s conniving relatives, and also of Amy and Dan. Amy and Dan are an extremely relatable. They have no sources in the hunt however their own smarts. They room innocent civilization placed right into a dangerous game.

The writing format of this book is a little much more informal than the other books, and I take into consideration that a great thing. Every author has their very own style, and Riordan certainly has a great one. Another good thing around the book is that it consists of a lot of good historical information. I still use info that i read The 39 Clues to this day.

I think about the key strength that this book to be that Riordan is able to combine exciting activity with character development. Generally you hear of plot-based stories, or character-based stories, but this publication is both. Ns think the is the main thing absent from the later on books, wherein the personalities of Amy and also Dan space still good, but nowhere close to the captivating level in the earlier books.

Part of the excitement of reading The Maze that Bones at the time was the it was the very first book in a new series, there was an digital game, anyone was analysis it, and we to be going to need to wait to find out the secrets. Yes, the tormented us at the time, yet it was actually a an excellent thing!

There is no question that reading The Maze the Bones now is not as captivating as in the past. You don’t have actually the neighborhood surrounding the earlier books anymore, and there isn’t practically the very same excitement v all the publications out. ~ all, human being who have actually read the latest book, Nowhere come Run, already know that Amy and also Dan come out it s okay in the end.

Also, in September, 2008, the publications were coming the end every 3 months. One False Note remained in December, and The knife Thief adhered to in March. It was manageable, therefore, come read every one of the books. Now, however, they’ve to be coming out at the same rate for five years. There were ten publications in the original series, a connecting book, six books in the 2nd series, and now a third series that is churning out an ext books.

Most that the books are about 200 pages long, so to play catchup and read every one of the old publications is a possibility, but it’s unlikely uneven you or your son is a very prolific reader.

Either way, The Maze the Bones is a terrific book. If girlfriend or your child is really addicted to The 39 Clues, climate reading The Maze of Bones is great idea. It will be a great book to review and you’ll more than likely like it a lot. Many likely, though, you’ll peter the end a pair books after ~ that uneven you’re a huge 39 ideas lover.

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