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Hello every one,Today ns was thinking of placing some perfume through a solid smell on my air filter, very first I have a silverado 2012 "1500 5.3" pickup. Ns searched for numerous videos ~ above the youtube and I found theold models way; i m sorry was that the air filter is under the hood, yet when I opened my hood Icouldn"t find any kind of thing smiler come the videos.My concern is, wherein is the wait filter in the silverado 2012 ? and also dose the silverado 2012 comeswith an wait filter or not, if no is there any kind of other ar I have the right to put in some strong concentrated perfume, for this reason I"ll acquire a an excellent smell every time I revolve the AC on ?Thats all,

Your van does not have actually a cabin wait filter. GM quit using them some time ago. There room several types of wait fresheners top top the market that you deserve to use. Enjoy your truck.
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Correct,cabin filters were no under the hood but under the dash and were currently discontinued due to the fact that 2002You could always spray some in the input filter and make her exhaust odor better! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

You should find the ouside wait intake located on my van below/near the passenger side wiper blade. Go buy a can of the spray-in duct freshener/smell eliminator stuff and also follow the instuctions. The spray works for me and I use it every Spring prior to the AC goes into to full swing.
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