As you have the right to see, in general, there space specimens in ordinary qualities from 20 cent or also less, however there room some unique cases.

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The 2009 D Penny Lincoln Presidency auctioned by Heritage Auctions in one MS69 quality and RD patina fetched $2,040 in November 2018 (auction #1281).

The pennies are probably the most accumulated American coins in the world. Because of their circulation (because of their low value) they space usually uncovered quite worn, which is why conservation is among the most important factors for their higher price. Thus, the is precisely this aspect that renders them the rarest.

Below, we will explain

its history,price distinctions by mint and rare errors that make a 2009 coin more valuable.

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A little background about 2009 Pennies and also their rarity

Since 1959, the backs of U.S. Pennies have shown the Lincoln Memorial, however, in 2009 they chose to do a collection of four design commemorating the President’s bicentennial.

These reverses would represent miscellaneous stages of Abraham Lincoln’s life to storage the anniversary. However, in 2010 they did not go back to using the same reverses as until 2008, but instead used what is currently the penny design, the reverse shield, which contains the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” at the optimal of the reverse.

The bust the the chairman still appears, that course, as it has actually since 1909, even though the coin is not composed of the same metals. In the situation of the year 2009, ours penny has actually a weight that 2.50 grams and is make of copper-coated zinc.

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What room the 2009 Lincoln penny designs?

As formerly mentioned, the series covers certain stages of chairman Abraham Lincoln’s life ~ above his 200th birthday. There are four:

2009 Lincoln penny – beforehand Childhood


In the Lincoln at an early stage Childhood, this same type of error have the right to be checked out in the thicker-than-usual cabin logs.