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Access your conserved cars on any kind of device.Receive Price alert emails as soon as price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold.
You"re currently logged in as and also will obtain alerts when price changes, new offers become obtainable or a car is sold.
Access your conserved cars on any type of device.Receive Price alert emails once price changes, brand-new offers become obtainable or a vehicle is sold.
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We"re all familiar with that particular groan us let out when we"re driving along as usual and also one the our vehicle dashboard lights comes on. The more your know about your 2017 evade Charger, the better prepared you"ll be once you endure an concern with her vehicle. We"ve created this comfortable 2017 evade Charger warning light overview to aid you gain to recognize your auto a tiny better.

Dodge Charger Warning Lights

Airbag Warning: The file of a seated person facing an orb lights up as soon as there"s a fault v the Airbag Warning light.

Battery fee Warning: When the battery isn"t appropriately charging, a battery irradiate appears.

Brake Warning: When there"s an concern with your brake functions, like too much brake pad undertake or short brake fluid level, the word BRAKE lamp up above an exclamation point inside a circle. This light additionally appears if her parking brake is applied.

Door open Warning: If among the vehicle"s doors isn"t completely closed, the light appears as a vehicle seen from over with all four doors open.


Electric strength Steering fail Warning: If equipped, a light the looks choose a steering wheel alongside an exclamation allude appears when the electrical power steering fails.

Electronic Throttle manage Warning: A lightning bolt between two brackets lamp up when there"s an issue with the electronic Throttle control (ETC).

Engine Temperature Warning: A light that looks prefer a thermometer partially submerged in water appears if your engine overheats.

Oil press Warning: An illuminated oil lamp appears if your engine oil press is too low.

Oil Temperature Warning: A thermometer partly submerged in one oil desk lamp illuminates if the engine oil temperature is too high.

Seat Belt Reminder Warning: When the driver or front-seat passenger isn"t put on a chair belt if the vehicle is in motion, a light the looks choose a seated person wearing a chair belt flashes.

Tire push Monitoring device Warning: If the press is too low in at the very least one that your tires, one exclamation point lights up within the summary of a tire.

Transmission Temperature Warning: A thermometer within a gear appears when your transmission fluid is too hot.

Trunk open Warning: When the tribe isn"t totally closed, the profile of a auto with the trunk open lights up.

Vehicle defense Warning: If your auto security alarm is equipped, a red dot will flash when the alarm is triggered.

Dodge Charger Indicator Lights

ABS Indicator: When a light come on that features the letter ABS within a circle, the Anti-Lock Brake device isn"t working properly.

Cruise control Ready Indicator: When her speed control is on but isn"t set, the picture of a gauge lamp up.

Electronic stability Control/ESC off Indicator: When your ESC is activated, a car above two wavy lines lamp up. When the ESC is turned off, the same picture appears over the native OFF.

Engine Check/Malfunction Indicator: If there"s an concern with the engine and automatic transmission regulate systems, the outline of an engine lamp up. The same picture flashes if the worry is severe.

High Beam Indicator: When her high beam headlights room turned on, a irradiate resembling the profile of a shining headlight appears.

LaneSense Indicator: If equipped, the LaneSense indicator irradiate illuminates as soon as your auto starts to drift out of its lane without the usage of a rotate signal. The irradiate looks choose a car drifting the end of a lane.

Low Fuel Indicator: When you only have approximately two gallons of fuel left, a light come on the looks choose a gas pump.

Service forward Collision Warning fault Indicator: If equipped, a light the looks favor one car rear-ending an additional car beside an exclamation allude appears as soon as there"s an worry with the front Collision Warning system.

Speed Control set Indicator: When you usage the electronic Speed regulate to set your car to a particular speed, a gauge lamp up through an arrow pointing to the needle.

Sport setting Indicator: A checkered flag lights up as soon as Sport setting is active.

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Freehold evade Is below to Help

Keep this 2017 evade Charger dashboard light guide in mind together you"re driving, and also when among your lamp illuminates and means trouble, look at no additional for assistance than your regional Freehold Dodge organization Center. Provide us a speak to or schedule an meeting online the following time your car needs servicing.