Chrysler introduced Chrysler Sebring III (JS) together the new generation model easily accessible with convertible and sedan after ~ they stop the coupe version of the Chrysler Sebring. The company marketed the 2006 Sebring Sedan version as a 2007-year-model in the United states on a completely new JS line and shared miscellaneous styling cues through the Chrysler Airflite 2003 model and also the Crossfire model. Because that 2007, the redesigned Sedan was introduced by the company, and the following year they introduced a convertible. They added brand-new options ~ above sedans like all-wheel drive and also for the convertibles, retractable metal top. Chrysler 200 changed all the Sebring models because that the 2011-model-year.

For the 2007 design year, Chrysler Sebring was changed with a new model top top the JS line. The 3rd-generation Sebring was made in Michigan, Sterling Heights, and around 82-percent of components sourced in NA (North America). Together the firm stopped the production of convertible in 2007, the Sebring 2006 model has been filling the void until the 2008 model was released by the company. The 3rd-generation Sebring has imbibed numerous styling cues native the 2003-model Chrysler Airflite concept. The 2006 model additionally included various signature styling cues that Chrysler, and also most of lock were replicated from the Chrysler Crossfire. The Sebring convertible and sedan were also sold in right-hand journey in Ireland and the UK.

Chrysler Sebring readily available three engines because that the 2007-year-model Sebring that has 3,518cc EGF V6, 2,736cc EER V6, and also 2,360cc GEMA I4. The 3.5 l V6 engine is linked to the first-ever 6-speed automatic infection of Chrysler that includes Autostick technology and the 2.7 together V6 engine have the right to run ~ above E85 (cleaner-burning). In 2008 the agency made a 3.5L V6 sedan accessible with an all-wheel-drive v an extra payment option.

At the BBDC (Beijing-Benz Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co.) the production of the Chrysler Sebring sedan began in 2007 for the China market. The BBDC is a partner for the Chrysler and Beijing Automotive sector Holding. The brand-new BBDC tree has much more capacity come manufacture the Sebring together the agency also manufactures the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Chrysler 300c, and also Mitsubishi Outlander.

Traits the Chrysler Sebring III (JS)The styling that the 3rd generation Sebring is quite impressive contrasted to the 2nd generation model. It share a the majority of Chrysler DNA, and also some the the crossfire is good to watch. It has actually a substantial and simple interior. Its straightforward layout with wonderful comfortable seats will certainly make the journey breezy and also effortless. It has a huge trunk behind the car, which makes it suitable for rental purposes. Additionally, girlfriend get more room in the ago with 6 folding rear break-up seats.Another interesting feature that Sebring is that remote begin function.The Sebring restricted model has actually 173 horsepower, 2.4litre inline 4-cylinder with dual overhead cams, and 16 valves with variable valve time. It"s made into a 4-speed automatic transition and should obtain you 60m in approximately 9.2 sec.It has actually two huge v6 engines available- 2.7 liters and also 3.5 liters, respectively, i m sorry produces approximately 325 horsepower. It will reach girlfriend 16 miles in 8.3 seconds. Some that the models have incorporated a rooftop in it. 

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The TIPM is situated in the engine compartment close to theair cleaner assembly. This center contains cartridge fusesand mini fuses. A label that identifies every componentmay be published on the within of the cover.

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Describe thegraphic below for FUSES/TIPM location.

CavityCartridge FuseMini FuseDescription
140 Amp GreenPower peak Module If Equipped
220 Amp YellowAWD Module
310 Amp RedBattery feed – facility High placed Stop light (CHMSL)/Brake Switch
410 Amp RedBattery feeding – Ignition Switch
520 Amp YellowTrailer Tow If Equipped
610 Amp RedIgnition Off draw (IOD) – power Mirror Switch/Climate Controls
730 Amp GreenIgnition Off draw (IOD) feeling 1
830 Amp GreenIgnition Off draw (IOD) feeling 2
940 Amp GreenBattery feeding – strength Seats If Equipped/ PZEV waiting Pump If Equipped
1020 Amp YellowBattery feeding – Cabin Compartment Node (CCN)
1115 Amp Lt BlueSelectable strength Outlet
1220 Amp Yellow
1320 Amp Yellow
1410 Amp RedIgnition Off draw (IOD) – Cabin Compartment Node (CCN)/Interior Lighting
1540 Amp GreenBattery feed – Radiator fan Relay
1615 Amp Lt.BlueIGN Run/ACC – Cigar Lighter/PWR Sunroof Mod
1710 Amp RedIgnition Off attract (IOD) – Wireless manage Module (WCM)/ Clock/Steering regulate Module (SCM)
1840 Amp GreenBattery feeding – Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay
1920 Amp YellowIgnition Off draw (IOD) – power Amp feeding 2 If Equipped
2015 Amp Lt.BlueIgnition Off draw (IOD) – Radio
2110 Amp Red
2210 Amp RedIgnition run – Climate Controls/Hot Cupholder If Equipped
2315 Amp Lt.BlueAuto Shutdown (ASD) Relay feed 3
2425 Amp NaturalBattery feed — PWR Sunroof Feed
2510 Amp RedIgnition operation — Heated winter - If Equipped
2615 Amp Lt.BlueAuto Shutdown (ASD) Relay feeding 2
2710 Amp RedIgnition operation – Occupant classification Module (OCM)/ Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
2810 Amp RedIgnition operation — Occupant category Module (OCM)/ Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
29Hot auto (No Fuse Required)
3020 Amp YellowIgnition run – Heated seat If Equipped
3110 Amp Red
3230 Amp PinkAuto Shutdown (ASD) Relay feed 1
3310 Amp RedBattery feeding – move Bank/Diagnostic attach Connector/Powertrain control Module (PCM)
3430 Amp PinkBattery feed – turning back- Lock Brakes (ABS) Module If Equipped/ digital Stability regulate (ESC) Module If Equipped
3540 Amp GreenBattery feed – reverse- Lock Brakes (ABS) Module If Equipped/ digital Stability regulate (ESC) Module If Equipped
3630 Amp PinkBattery feed – Passenger Door Module (PDM)/Driver Door Module (DDM)
3725 Amp NaturalPower peak Module If Equipped

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