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I should replace the oil press switch and also wanted to understand the best method to gain to it.2008 evade Avenger

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Hi there,According come the Haynes workshop hands-on the oil push switch is located as listed below according to which engine you have;2.4L Engine;Oil push sending unit is located behind the alternator and also under the intake manifold.2.7L Engine;Oil pressure sending unit is situated on the side of the engine block straight under the exhaust manifold.3.5L Engine ;Oil press sending unit is located on the prior of the engine alongside the crankshaft pulley.3.6L Engine ;Oil pressure sending unit is located on the oil filter adapter listed below the entry manifolds.Hope this is that some assist to you :smileup:
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I have actually the same issue. I desire to replace the oil press switch because the irradiate keeps comes on, yet I cant uncover the sensor anywhere.I have a 2008 2.7L. Is it on the front next or the rear? mine Chilton publication says the same thing you said over and its snapshot was no help.It did not plainly say, however it sounded choose you have to remove the exhaust manifold to get to it. Any help would be appreciated.
I had actually to replace my oil push sending unit, it was challenging . It to be leaking oil about quart a day. The some how work loose so I use a tiny vise-grip to rotate until I can use mine hand to eliminate the unit ~ cleaning wire harness, I usage a1in &1/16 wrench open finish that I had actually to reduced to 4in so I can turn & tighten native the left side of car going indigenous the height o

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