I’m having actually an problem with my jeep grand cherokee laredo. An initial the check engine light come on. Confirm it and also replaced the 1 and also 2 spark plugs and also coil packs. Drove it a week and also the examine engine light came on again saying coil 2 again v a p0405 code. Looked it increase it’s a egr however I cant discover it. Digital pics present it’s on the motor but i dont view it. Any type of ideas?

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Which engine? 3.7, 4.7, or 5.7?

p0405 method the computer system thinks the egr valve pintle have to be opened up to a specific position, and also the place sensor is speak it isn’t. Might be

the 5 volt precision referral to the place sensorsensor groundsensor signal wire is shorted come chassisegr assembly is faultycomputer is faulty

On the 4.7 together engine the egr ass’y is located near the behind of the driver’s side head. No literally …lol … I average the cylinder head. You have to see a great sized tube/pipe connecting the EGR to the input manifold in the area.


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The EGR valve is located at the behind of the vehicle drivers side cylinder head, it has actually a cylinder shape virtually the size of a Red Bull can and also has an electric connector.

Sorry because that the dumb question, but when you had the codes scanned, walk it choose up added codes?

One human being (online) wasn’t clear, yet indicated his throttle body sensor to be either defective, or cleaning the accelerator body cured his code. Spring thru parts, ns didn’t see a EGR because that the 3.7. (Yes, you’d certainly notice that it’s a V6.) The code isn’t for the TPS, so nothing know exactly how he made decision that was the part. Various other 2006 owner have had actually the very same code.

If it to be the 2007 engine, it’d be here. (Maybe the same ar you experienced online?)

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I to be trying to discover out if my 2007 jeep commander 3.7,

I to be trying to discover out if my 2007 jeep command 3.7, ar of the egr valve, i have a engine password of p0507 - answered by a verified Jeep Mechanic