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My 2006 F-150 Lariat entered Engine Failsafe setting this morning when I to be driving ago home from dropping mine daughter off. Ns didn"t notice any chage in the method it drove, the still sped up and handled just fine..just had the post pop off. Ns pulled right into a parking lot nearby by and also turned the engine off and also restarted it and drove the rest of the means home with no warning message. Any type of idea why this would certainly happen? Thanks!Mark

Get the car scanned for codes. Usually fail safe can either be transmission or cooling (the two significant ones, anyway). Together you pointed out the automobile drove fine possibilities are the PCM recognize something wrong and its save on computer in the memory. The code will certainly disappear after you begin the automobile 50 or therefore times, so get it viewed in a pair days come make sure there really isn"t a possible problem that may obtain you stranded.
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