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First i am sorry because that such a dumb question. I have actually a p0301 password coming up on my "06 v6 4.0 frontier. I want to try testing the ignition coils, but I execute not know which cylinder is actually number 1. I am assuming the stimulate is:WindsheildPass Driver3 42 51 6front that truckPlease call me i am wrong, so I perform not have to pull the manifold turn off again in this wonderful Wisconsin winter weather. Many thanks in breakthrough for her help.

2010 Frontier SE V6 CC LWB 4x2, built 04-2010, purchased 07-2010Current mods: OEM foglight kit, WeatherTech molded floor carpet f/r, locking gas cap, OEM locking lug nuts, Clarion CX501 and Sirius attach SC-C1, OEM dirt flaps/splash guards, 3in. Round remote spot mirrors, Nissan logo design valve stem caps, rad/trans cooler bypass, behind axle vent mod, custom lower grill insert utilizing black mesh gutter security material, OEM auto dim rearview winter w/temp & compass, OEM hood protector/bug shield, 35% color on both former windows and a windshield strip, OEM body side molding, OEM step rails, 7in. Tall metal radio antenna, OEM former tow hooks (true left and right hook), OEM rope hooks in the bed, OEM unique edition emblem included to tailgate.

135 down the pass front to rear and 246 under the driver. NUMBER 1 IS former PASS. SWAP THE COILS TO check out IF password MOVES v COILS. IF it DOES the A COIL. IF she CLOSE to 100K change THE PLUGS theyre DUE.

Yep, #1 is prior pass and also # 2 is front chauffeurs side (odd on happen side and also evens on driver"s)- weird sufficient the firing bespeak is 1,2,3,4,5,6.Please keep in mind that top top the 4.0, that is really hard (but not difficult cuz that"s how I execute it) to get at the #1 coil without removing the intake unless you have actually a most patience and also some special tools (flex sockets and little wrenches).

I wonder, has a titan ever done a frontier swap?2011 SL CC SB 4x4
Mods: manufacturing facility RF unit w/ Alpine Type-E interiors and Alpine 4ch amp, 20% front tint to enhance stock rear tint."Sigh* So much to do, so small money.":thatswck:To do list: Led headlights and also fogs, something that makes a cool sound, db lift, 33" tires, camper shell, color for camper, lockable utilitrac warehouse box, CF sticker, IMS, deal with dents and chips.
Thanks because that the info. I readjusted the plugs already, but it still was receiving the misfire code. I will test my patience on Saturday and also see if ns can change it there is no removing the manifold.
Switched out the coil. Clearing the p0301, however now the password is coming earlier as p0300. Time to test the injectors, and also compression. Sadly it is walking to be a nice warmth -40 here Monday. Cold most week, so I will certainly not be able to do this till late next week. May simply take the truck to a local garage. I simply hope it is no a swollen head gasket.On a side note. Ns was may be to eliminate the coil pack with out removing the intake. It was time consuming, and very tight. Having done both now, if I should do the again i would simply remove the intake.

2013 SL Crew Cab. M205 v ARB Locker, Pathy Axles, rear ARB Locker, CKMA12 Compressor, PRG 2"/1.5" Spacers, Bilstein 4600s, Magnaflow cat back, PIAA ATR 510 Series.

2013 SL Crew Cab. M205 with ARB Locker, Pathy Axles, rear ARB Locker, CKMA12 Compressor, PRG 2"/1.5" Spacers, Bilstein 4600s, Magnaflow cat back, PIAA ATR 510 Series.

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