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03 Z71 5.3L v 34k miles, and im make the efforts to drain the coolant.theres a nozzle kind thing on drivers side that the radiator, by the botom corner, however it has actually no screws, or anything. It looks like its simply a heavy sealed plastic nozzle that never had a hole.any help is appreciated.

On the driver"s side, there is a hose the goes from the bottom of radiator and straight up. Traction it the end of the ring holding in against the radiator and also into whatever you"ll be draining the coolant into. At that hose is a plastic knob/valve. You need pliers if it"s challenging to turn. The fluid should start flowing the end of the hose.

Thanks, i havent checked out this hose, im assuming i have to take the top part of the radiator plastic pan shroud to watch and accessibility this hose?

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You should have the ability to get come it native looking from underneath the truck. Just feel along the side of it.

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You don"t have a drain plug.....I don"t eather in my 04. You just have to pull the lower radiator hose. GM fouond out too many people stripped or damaged them off and also they crate it. Dumb if you ask me.Mr. 960
You don"t have actually a drain plug.....I don"t eather in mine 04. Friend just need to pull the reduced radiator hose. GM fouond out as well many civilization stripped or broke them off and they crate it. Dumb if girlfriend ask me.Mr. 960
I"ve got a "99 GMC Yukon 4x4 and there is no drainpipe plug the either me or my mechanic could find. In frustration i took my van to my mechanic and also was glad ns did ! He had actually to ease the reduced cowling and also then use a special device to gain the clamp turn off the radiator hose then use a long pry bar to get the hose loose ! It may sound simple, but he has actually been a mechanic every his life and also even he was having a hell the a time. I had actually put among those flush kits on and had flushed it it spins the water ran clear prior to I take it it to him and also it still had actually a most crud that came out as soon as the hose was off the bottom. Ns bought my truck used and also I don"t think the radiator had ever been purged before, and now I know why ! I know this reply is a little late, however I to be hoping it would certainly be valuable to someone. I can not uncover a straight answer anywhere for mine make and also model. I"m going earlier to Ford !