The Jeep Cherokee has two fuse boxes: the strength Distribution facility is located under the hood and the junction fuse crate is located inside the absent panel. Knowing how to readjust a fuse and also identifying once a fuse is blown have the right to mean the difference between resolving a minor problem or paying a profession to do it.

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This article uses to the Jeep Cherokee WJ (1999-2004).

The fuse boxes inside her Jeep Cherokee save on computer fuses that manage just around every system and component. If a fuse blows, then the component or mechanism will avoid working. A blown fuse usually indicates that the associated or controlled component started to attract too lot power. When a fuse breaks, climate the electrical current supplying the component v power will certainly be interrupted and also the component will certainly no longer work. Open one or both fuses boxes and you\"ll view dozens of fuses. Yet don\"t worry, you\"ll also find a chart in each fuse box that identifies the fuse and also what the controls. Fuses are likewise color coded, which likewise can aid you determine which fuse controls what component.

Fuse Types

Inside your Cherokee\"s two fuses crate you\"ll find several species of fuses. Exactly how your Cherokee counts on each fuse depends on a number of variables, consisting of the electrical circuit\"s current demands. There are 4 primary categories of fuses: blade fuses, glass tube or Bosch form fuses, fusible links, and also fuse limiters. The fuses inside your Cherokee are largely blade form fuses. This type of fuses come in six sizes: micro2, micro3, low-profile mini, mini, regular, and also maxi. A an excellent rule of ignorance to remember is the bigger the fuse, the much more current that flows v it. Fuses likewise come in a variety of colors. You deserve to usually determine a fuse through its color, despite its number is usually published on it as well.

Figure 1. Fuse types and amperage ratings.
Figure 2. Fuse colors and corresponding amperage ratings.

The Power circulation Center

The strength Distribution center is located under the hood of her Cherokee. You can usually discover it alongside the strength steering liquid reserve. Opening the sheathe is relatively easy—just elevator up. The consists in some model years are additionally held in place with tabs. If the cover come your power Distribution center is hosted in location with tabs, climate undo the tabs and then lift the sheathe up. Be certain to collection it aside somewhere safe, since you\"ll change it prior to closing the hood.

The fuses inside your power Distribution center control number of power-driven materials of her Cherokee. The complying with circuits space either attached come or regulated by a fuse in your Power distribution Center:

Fog lamp RelayFuel Pump RelayABS Pump motor RelayA/C RelayAuto Shut down RelayEngine Starter motor RelayABS device RelayWIndshield wipersCabin heaterTransmission control moduleRadio and interior lightsO2 downstream relayCoil rail and also injectorsCombination flasherPower amplifier
Figure 3. Power Distribution facility diagram.
Figure 4. Overhead check out of the strength Distribution facility inside the engine only of a Jeep Cherokee.

Jeep Cherokee Junction/Fuse Box

When friend think about your Cherokee\"s fuse box, you likely think about the fuse box located inside your kick panel. The kick panel is located on the left side of the instrument panel. Come access, you\"ll need to open the driver\"s next door. The absent panel simply pops off and also a label on the within of this dashboard identifies each fuse within the fuse box, so girlfriend don\"t must be an professional DIY\"er to check and adjust fuses! uneven the fuses inside the Power circulation Center, the fuses within this fuse box regulate parts of her Cherokee that revolve on and also off, instead of affecting whole system like fuses inside the strength Distribution facility do.

Some that the contents fuses inside the fuse box regulate include:

Power outletCigarette lighterHeadlampsDashboard lightsTurn signals and license plate lightPower mirrors and rear defoggerRadioHornAirbags

Several fuses within this fuse box in reality don\"t control or influence anything and are there for you to usage if a fuse blows. In the diagram below, keep in mind that over there is room for spare fuses. If you should replace a fuse, you can use among these spare fuses to execute so.

Figure 5. List of fuses inside cabin fuse box and also what contents each fuse controls.
Figure 6. Overhead view of cabin fuse box.

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Common Questions

Why do fuses blow?

When a component of her Cherokee starts to draw too much power, the fuse will simply interrupt the component\"s power supply, efficiently disabling it until you have the right to resolve the issue. Without this integrated protective measure, a component that begins to attract too lot power could likewise overheat, and also in some cases, cause an electric fire. If a component all of sudden stops working—for example, if her horn no longer works or if the lamp on your dashboard walk out—check her fuses prior to you execute anything else.