Work perform on a 1998 Ford F150 4x4 v 4.6L V-8, 4R70W 4spd digital automatic (code U in doorjamb). This tech article was originally posted in ~ The is generally intended for Ford trucks yet most likely likewise applies to various other Ford models.

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Follow these instructions in ~ your own risk.

Tools needed for the job:

Safety glassesRubber glovesRatchet, extension, and also 10mm, 11mm, 18mm metric socketsJack stand or lift (for non-4x4)Cleaning solventDrain panFunnelRags13 quarts Mercon V transmission oil (I supplied Castrol - part synthetic) DONOT use Mercon or Dextron III. They space not interchangeable.Filter Kit (Fram FT1167) which comes with a gasket which girlfriend don"t need.Flashlight or work light

Note: wear safety glasses if under the vehicle for eye defense as there"slots of dirt and grime under there just waiting to drop into your eyes.


Here"s a picture of the Ford 4R70W infection pan v the gasket sit ontop. The OE gasket is re-usable and is stamped as such shown by the red arrowhead onthe appropriate side the the snapshot below. An alert the grey colour donut magnet shownby the arrow on the top left the the picture.


Wait till the automobile has cooled turn off for at least 1/2hr if you"ve just drivenit to avoid gaining a "hot oil treatment"... Burns hurt!Remove the rubber inspection grommet (1 1/2inch diameter) between the engine andthe infection in the bottom the the bell housing. Use a flathead screwdriverto pry it the end - not difficult.With an assistant under the car looking into the investigate hole v aflashlight or worklight, usage the 18mm socket & wrench to revolve the crankshaftpulley (by the radiator) to turn the engine (clockwise). In the investigate holeyou will watch the torque converter. Have your assistant prevent you transforming theengine as soon as the 11mm drainpipe bolt is visible in the torque converter. You have the right to dothe procedure yourself however it is a many climbing under the vehicle and ago toturning the crank sheave until you find the plug.Place your drain pan under the investigate hole and remove the drain plug out ofthe torque converter with an 11mm socket and extension. The oil will certainly pour outslowly... In fact it might take a couple hours to fully drain the torqueconverter. It is estimated that it holds almost fifty percent of the infection fluidcapacity or about 6 quarts.Replace the drainpipe plug and also tighten securely but do no over-tighten. Part peoplelike to usage locktite top top the object to avoid it coming out. This is difficultunless friend let it drain overnight for this reason you can clean turn off the plug and also dry turn off thethreads in the talk converter. If liquid is quiet dripping the end it will bedifficult. It"s optional! Ok, climate after tightening the plug, change theinspection cover.Loosen every the bolts hold the infection oil pan on. Closely remove thebolts through one corner of the pan. Very closely pry the pan down at that corner withyour drainpipe pan underneath. There will certainly be liquid going everywhere. Shot to gain adrain pan that is at least 18 inch wide.Keep removing the other bolts but leave them loose on one sheet to organize the panup. Tilt it much more to get an ext oil out. Once fifty percent of the oil is drained organize thepan earlier up v an assistant if you have actually one and remove the rest of the boltswhile her assistant stop the pan up. Then closely drop the pan (withoutspilling fluid anywhere yourself) into your drainpipe pan. Drainpipe it.Using rags or record towels and solvent clean the interior of the pan andcarefully eliminate the sludge indigenous the pan magnet in ~ the bottom. There is ametallic movie on many of the pan surfaces that will wipe off.Note the place of the OE filter, traction it off and replace it through the new one,make certain the old rubber seal comes out too. Pop the brand-new filter in ar of theold one in the exact same position. Usage clean rags come clean the gasket mating surfaceson the pan and also the transmission. The old gasket is re-usable. Ar the pan backup onto the transmission. Hand-tighten every the bolts.If you have a talk wrench use it come make sure you don"t over-tighten thebolts.Using a long funnel fill about 5-6 quarts right into the transmission v thedipstick tube. You"ll need a tiny neck funnel.Start the engine and also run it because that 30 seconds.Fill another 4 or 5 quarts.Start the engine again and run 30 seconds.Inspect level through the dipstick.Fill an ext oil up to "full" mark on dipstick.Drive it approximately the block and also again check the oil level.

You"re done.

There will remain about 1 or 1 1/2 quarts in the oil cooler and hoses which canbe puffy out through compressed air if friend so desire yet the hoses will have to beremoved therefore most human being don"t bother. It"s also complicated if friend don"t havecompressed waiting handy.

When you start the engine the hydraulic pump in the infection fills increase thetorque converter. Friend don"t desire to overfill the transmission appropriate away as 13quarts won"t right in the while the engine is stopped because the speak converteris empty to begin with, that"s why you need to start it increase a couple of times,otherwise you might blow oil the end the vent pipe and/or blow part seals.

If girlfriend accidentally overfill it, the easiest method to get some liquid out is todrain part from the torque converter. Then you won"t have to touch the panbolts.

Procedure ~ above V-6 and also EOD or 4R100 automatic transmission will certainly differ slightlywith different sized sockets and different oil. Examine your transmission oildipstick. Many Ford truck automatics walk from Mercon to Mercon V during the1998 model year. Early models acquired Mercon and also the matching dipstick.Apparently Mercon V have the right to be run in a Mercon transmission however don"t run Mercon ina Mercon V transmission.

If you uncover a tiny plastic plug with a rubber o-ring, don"t worry, this was inthe dipstick tube while the engine to be assembled on the assembly line and also fallsinto the transmission pan. It"s no a broken or lacking part! Discard that or keepit as a souvenir.

Mine took just a hair over 12 quarts. Capacity if the transmission oilcooler/lines wherein empty also is detailed at 13.5 quarts.

Cost (CDN$):

13 Quarts Castrol Mercon V semi-synthetic $4.88/qt for $63.52Trans filter kit $39.54 (with gasket the isn"t needed)your time $? - roughly 4 hrs because that amateur.

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Many infection shops carry out a "power" fluid readjust by hooking approximately the coolerlines and also doing a pressure fill/exchange without dropping the transmission oilpan. This isn"t the best since you have actually old fluid mixing through new, and youhaven"t adjusted the filter. Too the magnet in the pan won"t acquire a cleaningand won"t work as efficiently to record metal sludge/particles the end of the oil.Think of a strength flush as acquisition a shower, then placing your dirty clothes backon. Not precisely ideal.