Your crucial fob permits you come gain accessibility to your car with the click of a button. Here"s how to routine your key fob today.

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This article uses to the Jeep grand Cherokee (1999-2004).

The crucial fob to your Jeep cool Cherokee allows you to obtain faster and immediate entrance to, and lock, your vehicle with just the rapid click that a button. Your an essential fob can additionally be used to signal one emergency, must you come to be panicked and require immediate assistance. If you"ve just purchased a new key fob, you"ll have to program the if that hasn"t to be programmed already. The process is easy. This overview will describe the two straightforward methods you can use to routine your crucial fob in a matter of minutes.

Step 1 – Perform an approach "A"

Press the "lock" switch five times, enabling no more than two secs to lapse in between each time you push the button.Turn on her ignition.Press and also hold the "unlock" switch for up to 10 seconds. Before this 10 second period ends, press and hold the "panic" switch for 1 second.Release the "unlock" and "panic" buttons.Listen for a chime sound, which need to resonate in ~ three secs of releasing the two previous buttons.Press and also release the "lock" and also "unlock" buttons simultaneously.Press and release any kind of button of your choosing, and then wait for the sound that a quick chime to occur.The programming is now complete, and also you are all set to begin using your transmitter.Turn your ignition off.
Figure 1. Your key fob permits you to gain access to your auto doors.
Pro Tip

Before getting started, it"s recommended that you placed a new battery inside your key fob to ensure the crucial fob is able to both receive and emit a strong signal.

Step 2 – Perform an approach "B"

Press and also release the "lock" button in two-second intervals. Carry out this five times.Turn the ignition on.Press and hold the "unlock" switch for as much as 10 seconds.Hold the "unlock" button, while pressing the "panic" button. Hear for the sound that a chime, which should sound within 3 seconds.Complete the process by programming a button into the system. Listen for the sound of one more chime.Exit the programming setting by turning the ignition off.

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Step 3 – Visit local Jeep dealer

Make an appointment to have your regional Jeep dealer routine your vital fob, if you room unable to finish the programming process on your own. At approximately $150-$300 (depending ~ above if you need a new vital fob or simply programming), the price for your local Jeep dealer to regime your vital fob is high. If you carry out go this route, it"s recommended that you make an meeting for quicker service.