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Can anyone clue me in on my ABS code? I acquired a code for "intermittent left rear signal" but on my truck I"m pretty sure that there room no speed sensors ~ above the individual behind wheels.I think ns recall reading once that the behind ABS rate sensor is developed in to the transmission? can anyone fill in my understanding? Thanks!Nate

Hi Nate, GM had three channel ABS and adjusted to 4 channel, I think it to be somewhere approximately 2005; friend should have actually 3channel, which means, just one behind channel.If 2wd, the sensor is ~ above the transmission tail piece, if 4x4, it is in the transfer instance coupling. Over there should also be a speed sensor in the very same area.
Thanks the ABS sensor in the transfer instance coupling of 4x4 a separate sensor native the regular "speed sensor" used for speedometer/trans control? as soon as I look increase ABS wheel rate sensors digital ( I just see parts detailed for the prior wheels? What is the rear ABS sensor referred to as?Appreciate the help.
I think I can have answered mine question...seems prefer the automobile Speed Sensor (VSS) may in reality be the same thing as the "rear ABS speed sensor". The ABS just uses the speed sensor come detect rear wheel lock-up. Can anyone confirm?Also, exactly how does it understand if just one wheel slips native a single signal at the location??

Nate, the is feasible that the VS and ab sensors space the same, ns guess. Ns think the TrailBlazer trucks had actually separate sensors, but I"m only going by what I"ve read, never had actually to crawl under and look.With the driveshaft rate being used for the behind ABS, there is no check on the individual behind wheels. The mechanism treats the rear together only having actually one wheel.
Thanks Ray...appreciate her thoughts. If I uncover out for certain I"ll short article it. At this suggest I don"t know if I"ll save the truck., simply bought the this week...I left it exterior overnight, that is -3F this morning and she will barely start. Once she walk she idles so rough that the van feels choose it is walk to fall apart! Don"t choose that...of course this is some excessive cold! ns tried beginning my trust 91 and it additionally struggled so possibly I shouldn"t it is in so tough on the 95.

Yeah...I was just watching some of the great TBI accelerator body rebuild threads on youtube. This is my thrid TBi vehicle..I love the TBI engine, I"ve installe whole engine in my driveway and also done a same amount the TBI trouble-shooting however I"ve never ever taken personally a accelerator body. Seems it is worth a look native what I"m hearing. Even when warmer that takes a pair extra revolutions to start and idles with a little miss-feel come it. Otherwise operation smooth at greater rpms. I"ll see. Ns bought it without questioning my now I have two trucks in the driveway my old trusty 91 and also this brand-new 95, got pick one...and soon.

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I"ve never taken one personal either, cleaned a number of them ~ removing the from the intake. I can"t imagine the it would be complicated and over there are most likely rebuild kits available.
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