Your coin is a nice discover with good value. However in simply lightly worn or much better condition that is a scarce coin. Collectors and also dealers place a greater value on 1886 pennies mirroring bold details in ~ the headband and also ribbon along her neck. Ethereal points influence value room described and imaged below.

Secondly: adding to an already above average price is the perhaps your coin was minted with the scarce design change used on part of the 1886 pennies. Well into production for the year the architecture of the Indian headdress to be modified. Fewer of this redesigned coins were minted producing a beneficial penny.

The various design selection is easy to distinguish, photos of each are below. Likewise when judging condition, closely compare your coin come the "grading" descriptions to pick up the subtle differences. Both the condition and range determine accurately exactly how much her 1886 Indian head coin is worth.

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1886 Indian Head penny ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1886 Indian Head Penny value Updated2021
1886 kind I$4 $18 $131 $169
1886 form II$5$24$174$225

Finding the Rare kind II 1886 Penny

Towards the end of minting 1886 pennies a visible adjust in the architecture was adopted. Placement of the feather in the headdress and how lock relate to the lettering follow me the rim to be redesigned.

Up till then the critical feather the the headdress pointed in between the "I" and also "C" the America, recognized as form I. The brand-new design now points the critical feather in between the "C" and also "A" of America creating the kind II variety.

In 1886 pennies got this brand-new look that ongoing until the end of the series. The evolution of Indian pennies contains a design change on the reverse and also different steel alloys provided in the early years. Later adding the designer"s early stage in 1864 and also in 1886 a redesign that the obverse. A now really different coin has come to be a popular and also fascinating coin come collect, your 1886 Indian head penny worth is always solid due to demand.


Your 1886 Indian Head Penny worth is Conditional

Today’s need from collectors and dealers over the small supply of far better quality, well maintained 1886 pennies. The bulk of these coins space no longer with us. Identify if her coin is a higher grade worth a large premium. The worth chart perform coins in these various "grades" depending upon the lot of wear. Well-known as grading, compare her coin come the images and find the finest match.


Uncirculated: With the greatest demand and also 1886 Indian head coin value are coins that never circulated. The is very rare to find coins in the same problem as castle left the mint, with no stay to your surfaces. Amazingly there are a select couple of known v the initial bright mint luster radiating across the surface. Check your coin is "uncirculated" by assessing the an extremely highest clues of design. The ends of the feathers and also her cheek are two areas that would certainly quickly show up dull and also slightly smooth from the lightest the wear. Rotate the coin under a light, wear reflects as a disruption in the luster as it travels about the coin.


Extremely Fine: An Indian penny in "extremely fine" problem is well characterized in all areas of the design. Boldly rounded and also separated are the hair curls and headdress ribbon listed below her ear. The headband remains really detailed through every letter in "Liberty" complete and sharply defined. In its entirety a nice coin with some light wear the does no detract indigenous its appearance.


Fine: Pulled indigenous circulation with ample information remaining, Indian pennies in "fine" problem are pleasing. She face and also hair are totally separated v rounded contours. Lettering and also date is bold. Indigenous the top of the headband, following her forehead and down behind she ear space the highest possible points the design. That is these locations that wear gets rid of much of the finer detail. A quite collectible coin, your 1886 Indian head penny worth is now over $20 to $25.

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Good: A finish outline that the feathers, she face and also neckline is separated and raised from the background. Lettering is distinct as well as the date. All other parts that the architecture are now worn away. However, her coin is still took pleasure in by numerous young collectors, especially the 1886 kind II variety.