11,000,000 + 700,000 + 60,000 + 800 + 20 + 5 (expanded form)eleven million seven hundred sixty thousands eight hundred twenty-five (word form)

IN WORD type IT IS eleven million seven hundred sixty thousand eight hundreds twenty five and in expanded form it is 10.000.000+1.000.000+700.000+60.000+800+20+5

Eleven millions 7 hundred sixty thousand eight hundreds twenty five.

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Step-by-step explanation:

Given : 11,760,825 .

To uncover : how do you write 11,760,825 in indigenous form.

Solution : we have offered 11,760,825 .

We deserve to see 1 is in ~ ten millions place and another 1 is in ~ million place , 7 is at hundreds thousand ar , 6 is in ~ ten thousand ar , 0 is at thousands place and 8 is at hundreds place and 2 is at tens place and is in ~ ones place.

So, we deserve to write it as word form :

Eleven millions 7 hundred sixty thousands eight hundred twenty 5 .

Therefore, Eleven millions seven hundred sixty thousands eight hundreds twenty five .

Answer from: LilLappyLOL

11,760,825 in the word kind is:

Eleven Million seven Hundred and Sixty thousand Eight hundreds Twenty Five

The expanded form is as displayed below:

Ten Millions : 1

Millions :1

Hundred Thousands: 7

Ten Thousands: 6

Thousands: 0

Hundreds: 8

Tens: 2

Ones: 5

The worth of every digit is :

Since 1 is in the Ten Millions place: 10,000,000

Since 1 is in the Millions place: 1,000,000

Since 7 is in the hundred Thousands place: 700,000

Since 6 is in the Ten Thousands place: 60,000

Since 0 is in the Thousands place: 0,000

Since 8 is in the Hundreds place: 800

Since 2 is in the Tens location : 20

Since 5 is in the people place: 5

The expanded form is 10,000,000 + 1,000,000 + 700,000 + 60,000 + 800+20 + 5 = 11,760,825

Answer from: natu2072
Eleven million 7 hundred and sixty thousand eight hundred twenty five
Answer from: Llamacornbabe
Eleven million 7 hundred sixty thousand eight hundred twenty five

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