Value: commonly the cheapest option. Includes real gold, but very little (about one gram of genuine gold in one pint that solution deserve to be offered to plate hundreds of pieces!). Cheaper jewel will have a very thin plating which wears turn off fast, but some greater quality brands will have actually a more thick plating with second protective coating to assist it last longer.

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How come find: Will have actually no quality mark on the jewelry, but may have firm name/logo stamped.


Gold-Plated over Sterling Silver


Value: Still gold plated metal, yet with valuable sterling silver. Sterling silver- is a sought-after material ($0.57 every gram*) while still being very affordable compared to yellow ($43.40 every gram*). The gold plating will certainly wear off with time, yet the silver- underneath will certainly not tarnish or reason skin discoloration for most people.

How to find: will certainly be stamped "925" or "sterling," can likewise have company name/logo stamped.




Value: Has 5% the the value of heavy gold. To be referred to as gold-filled by U.S. Law, the plating needs to be an extremely very special (at the very least 5% of jewelry complete weight). Great to stay (the gold will never wear off!) but poor as an investment (has low re-sale value).

How to find: will be stamped "1/20 14k" (meaning 1/20 of complete jewelry load is 14k gold), can likewise have company name/logo stamped. 


Solid Gold


Value: The actual deal. Solid gold is the finest metal for wearability and also as one investment. Pure 24k metal cost is $43.40 per gram, 14k metal costs is $25.32 every gram.*

If you room not certain what kt means, here"s a handy guide that describes the meaning behind 14k.

How come find: will certainly be be stamped "10k" or "417", "14k" or "585", "18k" or "750." If the piece is stamped “18k 925” it way it is make of both 18k solid yellow parts and solid silver- parts.

Solid gold can be any type of color - yellow, rose or white.

All ours rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets room made from 14k solid gold that was reclaimed and as such, is sustainable and eco-friendly.


Hollow Gold


Value: Hollow gold is tho gold yet with empty room inside the jewel piece, so it still has actually the very same value by weight. Hole gold is offered to make jewelry both lighter and also cheaper, and is an extremely common with bangles and also hoop earrings. Through U.S. Law, companies must disclose when a jewelry item made of hollow gold. It might be described as hollow, tubed, semi-solid, etc.

How come find: will certainly be stamped the same way as solid gold.

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* prices because that raw metal, prices change everyday. The silver- calculated at $18/oz and gold in ~ $1350/oz sector for january 2018.

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